Selasa, Mei 30, 2017

A Short Autobiography of me

I grow with indigenous people in small village on West Kalimantan hinterland. My grandfather is a chieftain of my tribe, Dayak Tamambaloh. As the child who was born from indigenous family, I was educated to be close with nature, live with keeping principles which were inherited by our ancestor. 

I spent my childhood in a small village, Nanga Sungai, a small village which full of simplycity. I felt the effect of unequal development in this country. When I was in the first grade of elementary school, my classmate was just five. I remember how zestful we were to learn reading in class room with apprehensive tables and chairs.

For the last two years I have met many people who inspired and encourage me. I joined a read-writing club who focused on enhancing the literacy awareness of people around us. I also often write my opinions about the struggle of the indigenous people in my village to protect their land from capitalist and unfair government.

I am a graduate from law college since 4 months ago, I am looking forward to contiune my study, hence, I am in Pare currently to improve my English.

I have many plans for the next two years. The most important of them is to finish my study and then to work for my comunity. I am going to develop the economic system in my hometown especially for the local people, therefore they could maintain their cultures and rights.

Because today is my birthday, I hope my dreams will come true. I hope I will have seen snow when I am 23 (it is two years later).
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